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Reverse show

Moscow Musical Theater
Moscow Musical Theater ©Daria Y.
Monday 9 September 2019
Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux

The Septembre Musical's Russian programme will end on a spectacular and philosophical note with Reverse. The Moscow Musical Theatre created in February 2018 this production that stands at the crossroads of musical, choreographic and acrobatic performance. No words, but plenty of action on the stage occupied by twenty versatile artists: this intense and dynamic show produced with the help of the great choreographer Debra Brown (Cirque du Soleil) is a reflection of man's constant struggle both with the outside world and with himself. The torment that affects each of us is illustrated through a succession of mind-boggling scenes including acrobatics and other balancing acts that symbolise the full range of our emotions. Beyond these astonishing visual pyrotechnics, Reverse delivers a philosophical message on human destiny. An impressive way of closing the festival's window on the unlimited wealth of Russian culture!

Prices (CHF)
CAT A: 105.-
CAT B: 85.-
CAT C: 65.-
CAT D: 45.-

Show in co-production with the Saison culturelle de Montreux Foundation