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Deutsche Messe (German Mass) by Franz Schubert

Classical music (as part of a church service)

Quatuor du Temps
Quatuor du Temps ©DR
Sunday 11 September 2022
Temple Saint-Vincent, rue du Temple 30, Montreux

Quatuor du Temps:
Catherine Cruchet, soprano
Michèle Duvoisin, alto
Jean-Pascal Laedermann, baritone
Luigi Stähli, tenor


Was Schubert a believer? Perhaps it doesn't matter: he was at the very least enthusiastic and cared about writing music that struck a deep chord with those who listened to it. The Deutsche Messe was never allowed to be played in liturgical ceremonies during the musician’s lifetime, however. But time ruled in his favour, and this very simple composition is now sown in every heart.