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Philharmonia Schrammeln
Philharmonia Schrammeln ©Stefan Hromada
Monday 26 September 2022
Hôtel des Trois Couronnes, Vevey

Johannes Tomböck, violin
Dominik Hellsberg, violin
Heinz Hromada, contraguitar
Stefan Neubauer, clarinet
Günter Haumer, button accordion

"Schrammel" / Strauss

What could be more typically Viennese than “Schrammelmusik”? The genre was founded at the end of the 19th century by brothers Johann and Josef Schrammel. Accompanied by an accordionist, a clarinet player and a guitarist, the two violinists played popular songs and traditional dance music at inns. Other ensembles followed in their footsteps and expanded on their work: today the Philharmonia Schrammeln is a veritable institution that has carried this valuable musical legacy far beyond Vienna.

A journey through Vienna’s traditional Schrammel music (including arrangements of Strauss waltzes).

Cat. A: 50.–
Young audience/Students/Apprentices: 10.–
Free seating